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holzhuber impaction becomes be water, my friend

Thomas Limbüchler
Thomas Limbüchler
Managing Partner Strategy
Since its founding, holzhuber impaction has been shaking up the market. The digital agency, founded in 1994, is now being led into a new era after 30 years – with a new positioning and under the new name "be water, my friend."
holzhuber impaction becomes be water, my friend

One thing was sure for Thomas Limbüchler and Thomas Holzhuber from the outset: be water, my friend will not be another agency, as there are quite a few. Instead, the duo wanted their company to become a cosmos for digital experiences, design, and innovation.

be water, my friend is an agency that acts differently – relevant for customers and their markets, exploiting the potential of change and shaping the future emphatically, goal-oriented, quickly, and reliably. "Be water, my friend is supposed to be the most future-proof agency 're-'founding in Austria in recent years," says Thomas Limbüchler, who leads the agency. And this sees itself as a "Customer Experience Design Agency", that's the promise of service. Since May 2020, the agency has been being restructured and expanded with the arrival of Thomas Limbüchler – and 30 years after it was founded, it has a sharpened profile, a new face and a new address.

be water, my friend is always beta

The internet is not a museum. It’s an ever-changing environment where ideas, norms and trends spread and develop with ever-increasing intensity. At any given moment in time, a brand is the dialogue between a company’s internal vision and their customer’s interpretation. So like a digital product, a digital brand needs to constantly iterate; to evolve and respond to market forces. Beta today. Better tomorrow.

be water, my friend is different

We all know great brands are built on great ideas. But ideas aren’t the hard part. Execution is. We are strongly driven by transformation and execution and are positioning ourselves exactly there. The marketing of the future will follow different rules and laws than we are used to in the old world. Every decision is customer experience-driven – as part of an overall journey and ideally embedded in a digital product or service. We do not artificially separate between media, data, technology, creation, and production, but rather take transformative paths with our customers and create entirely new process chains. And we don't start with marketing but rather with developing digital products and services. "We are one of the few companies on the market that remains truly committed to the digital sector and does not constantly compete with old business models," says Thomas Holzhuber.

What is be water, my friend up to? We build the best offering for companies in digital marketing and digital product and service development. We create the future of marketing for our customers. We are competing in DACH and across Europe, which we are already doing not only with established corporations but also with numerous startups – none of which think within boundaries, especially not geographical ones.

Not every brand matches to be water, my friend

Of course, working with startups is particularly easy because they are positioned similarly to be water, my friend itself. But established companies with the willingness to change also harmonize perfectly with be water, my friend.

An ideal example of such an innovation project is the partnership with VGN. The first joint project was the relaunch of TV-MEDIA was transformed from a primarily analog magazine brand into a digital-first service brand with a new range of products and services. In the ongoing collaboration, the digital ecosystem of is constantly being developed.

"CMOs and founders need real partners at eye level on their side who no longer view business, brand, and digital products and services as separate from one another. The transformative companies of our time are the best proof," says Thomas Limbüchler.