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A Customer Experience Design Agency

We connect brands with consumers through digital experiences.

Born in Vienna.
operating globally.
We've been entrusted with driving digital transformation and innovation by some of the most exciting new ventures and iconic businesses around the world. For the last 30 years, companies that set out to meet the needs of their customers across all of their digital touchpoints have turned to us.
be water, my friend is a customer experience agency designing interfaces that move cursors, hearts, and your bottom line.
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Stay updated with the most recent happenings at be water, my friend. From industry insights to our latest achievements, we bring you the forefront of customer experience design and innovation.
Katja Borges-Bayr
Thomas Limbüchler
Managing Partner Strategy
Recent work
We design digital interfaces that transform companies. We empower organizations to deliver experiences that move them forward – building for what is now and next.
Empowering your brand through design.