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About us

Consistently solving design problems in a world of change.

Welcome to the Internet. Have a look around. By the latest estimates, the average user spends 413 minutes (just over 7 hours) online. Per. Day. Which means whether you’re a fast-scaling DTC ecommerce startup or an established global business, your brand needs to live in the internet.

Why? Because unless you’re selling walking frames to octogenarians, that’s where your audience lives too. (And even then... you know?) And because the Internet is a dynamic, dialogue-driven environment, you need a dynamic, dialogue-driven brand. One that’s designed digital from the ground up.

We’re a customer experience design agency that connects brands to consumers through digital interfaces, enabling best-in-class customer experiences that deliver business growth. Launching digital experiences that transform companies and industries. In order to stay competitive in an ever-evolving landscape, companies need to innovate. So we’re not just working on the digital interfaces of today. But empowering the companies we work with to offer what’s next and connect with the consumers of the future. We connect brands with consumers through digital interfaces.
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Since our founding, we've been driven by a passion for creating intuitive and innovative experiences that delight users.
Thomas Limbüchler
Managing Partner Strategy
Discovering our core
Companies partner with us to solve complex challenges and business problems and define their digital transformation strategies and objectives that deliver company value. Quite simply, our solutions have a big business impact and positively influence our client’s bottom line.

Through research, user-centered design and testing with real customers, the experiences we design enhance users lives and drive value across the whole customer journey.

Our vision is to enhance the lives of millions of people by intentionally designing digital experiences for the world’s most forward-thinking brands.

We’re not a full service agency. We don’t offer it all. We are intentionally specialist and focus on design solutions for interfaces. We do this because we firmly believe that it delivers the most value and best results. To put it simply: if we focus on doing one thing the best versus doing ten things just okay, we’re going to deliver better products and results – changing more lives and transforming more companies.
Values mean nothing without action. We are a hands-on experience craft force.
be immersive
Taking the clients’ perspective and taking their clients’ perspective, we are diving deeper and deeper into the peoples’ heads. We want to understand because this is where the experience happens.
be collaborative
The tasks we face today are far too complex to be solved alone. We therefore firmly believe in collaboration – within our diverse teams, together with our partners and our customers.
be intentional
We aim for our solutions to follow clear objectives and a well-thought-out strategy. This is how we can deliberately satisfy the diverse needs of our customers and their target groups.
be imaginative
Complex and diverse challenges need creative minds to solve these tasks. We give the best minds access to their potential to create truly thoughtful solutions for your company.
be ahead
Knowing the trends, being one step ahead, thinking around corners – call it what you will. Eventually, it's about the growth that can only come from questioning and setting aside old patterns.
be adaptive
Ultimately, we live in a world where nothing is ever finished, but always evolving. To meet these requirements of our times, we do what we do best: We dive into that and become fluid.
We are a passionate crew who is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of UX, design and marketing.
We are 15+ talented specialists across strategy, visual design, brand and marketing management.