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Services and expertise

Experiences driven by customers and business needs

At be water, my friend we have a proven track record of delivering outstanding digital solutions for our clients. We have worked with a wide range of businesses, from newly founded startups to industry-leading companies from around the world. Our portfolio of work includes thousands of successful products, projects, and features that have helped our clients achieve their goals and drive real business results.
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An experience craft force for creating digital connections.
Platforms and Services
Complex, hardworking platforms delivered through user-friendly solutions.
Native applications
Intuitive and engaging applications for a mobile-first world.
Commerce Solutions
eCommerce solutions that boost conversions, fuel growth, and deliver impactful results.
Website experiences
Inspire connections through immersive, exceptional website experiences.
Branding for digital
Craft memorable and distinctive brand identities for digital success.
Content and Motion
Elevate brands through captivating content, motion and storytelling.
Social and Performance
Boost marketing activities through engaging content and growth hacking.
We create experiences.
Guided by insights.
Designed with intention.
Made for humans.
To generate real value.
What we do
Through research, user-centered design and testing with real customers, the experiences we design enhance users lives and drive value across the whole customer journey.
Martin Lingnau
Executive Creative Director
Intentional design
We create the intersection where businesses and users connect – most through a screen. Screens are everywhere, and the amplification of screens will only increase with endless possibilities of what is and can be a screen. Screens enhance our lives by helping us plan, experience, monitor, organize, and create in all kinds of new ways. This presents new opportunities and challenges for brands. Every interaction on every screen is an opportunity to exceed an expectation while simplifying the experience. To succeed; every single element on screen (and not on screen) is considered. We call it "intentional design".

Intentional design is the tipping point between ‘consideration’ and ‘sold’, between exclusion and access, between useless and useful. To honor this intention, every aspect of the process we follow and the product we design is intentional. Everything is mulled over, decisions are backed by research, instincts are tested and tuned. It’s informed by data, driven by research, implemented through expertise and validated by users.
Turn intent into impact
We have extensive experience delivering across key industries.
With extensive experience working with companies that operate in these spaces and garnering a deep understanding of their customers means we’re able to bring invaluable knowledge and IP into projects. Our research-led approach means we’re able to work across any industry, taking the time up front to get a deep understanding of the landscape these businesses operate in in order to effectively deliver to their needs.
Arts & culture
Automotive & transportation
Banking & finance
Biotech & life science
Insurance & insure tech
Manufacturing & industrials
Publishing & entertainment
Real estate & facility services
Retail & consumer goods
Travel & tourism