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Crafting distinctiveness: Not just a beer, but a brand

Crafting distinctiveness: Not just a beer, but a brand
The project

In the lush expanse of Lower Austria, a brewery does more than just make beer; it crafts an experience previously untapped. BrauSchneider, with roots as deep and complex as its flavors, aimed for branding that was as unique and bold as the beer itself – a brand that could mirror the richness of its origin and the distinctiveness of its taste.

The approach

What makes craft beer truly stand out? Its diversity, aromatic richness, distinctive hop profiles, the right touch of bitterness, a full-bodied yet smooth character, and, above all, its drinkability. These became our guiding stars. By weaving these attributes into the fabric of the brand, and employing unique patterns to encapsulate these qualities, we found our solution. This wasn't just about design – it was about capturing the essence of craft beer in every sense.

The results

Our brand design system, inspired by the uniqueness of fabric patterns, ensures each BrauSchneider beer variety is immediately recognizable – a visual testament that aligns closely with the straightforward ethos of the brewery's heads, Michael and Felix Schneider. This approach differentiates the beer not only by its taste but also through its packaging, fostering a strong community of enthusiasts united in their appreciation for exceptional craft beer.

BrauSchneider Bier
Platzhalter, Etikett-Video
BrauSchneider Biere
BrauSchneider Brauerei
BrauSchneider, Der Stoff aus dem echte Biere sind.
BrauSchneider Craft Bier
BrauSchneider Brauerei
BrauSchneider Bier rebranding
BrauSchneider Brauerei