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Transforming lives through exchange

Transforming lives through exchange
The project

The global pandemic left many students and parents apprehensive about the prospect of spending a year abroad. In this climate of uncertainty, AFS, a cornerstone in the realm of non-profit exchange organizations, sought to remind the world of the unparalleled value their programs offer. Our mission was clear: to articulate these benefits compellingly, reassuring families of the life-changing experiences awaiting.

The approach

Transformation is at the heart of every AFS exchange. To capture this essence, we turned to the most authentic sources – students who've lived this journey. Through a series of candid video testimonials, six exchange alumni shared their stories. The sparkle in their eyes and their tales of discovery, friendship, language mastery, and personal growth illuminated the profound impact of their year abroad.

The results

The campaign focused on engaging students and their parents over a nine-month period, strategically divided across two intervals before and after Christmas. This strategy achieved a remarkable total of 10,216,503 impressions. Through both direct phone inquiries and online submissions via a contact form, we successfully assisted AFS in generating valuable leads amidst the challenging pandemic period.