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Utilize the Power of Connected Design Systems

Thomas Limbüchler
Thomas Limbüchler
Managing Partner Strategy
A connected design system has the power to revolutionize how you shape your digital experiences by fully connecting design, content, and engineering teams with your products.
Utilize the Power of Connected Design Systems

Design systems bring clarity and scalability to an organization's digital products. Consisting of small building blocks, a design system can respond to any business need efficiently and consistently.

However, maintaining a design system can be costly as it often relies on manual processes. The responsibility for keeping the system in sync falls on engineering teams, which can hinder their ability to adapt to change.

By implementing a connected design system, updates from the design can be seamlessly transformed into code with just one click. This allows brand and design decisions to be controlled by design teams instantly, freeing engineers from time-consuming alignment work.

Transform your brand into data with design tokens

Design tokens serve as the fundamental building blocks of a design system, offering a standardized way to represent design choices such as colors, typography, spacing, and more.

With the use of design token management, the challenges of maintaining consistency between design changes and development are significantly reduced, along with the breakdown of silos between teams.

Streamline design changes with one click

Integrating design tokens into the development process enables effortless design modifications without disrupting ongoing development work.

Once a design change is made, it automatically transfers in the development stage. This integration ensures that design changes become a natural part of the product development process, eliminating errors and scope creep. Additionally, keeping design decisions within the design teams ensures brand consistency and quality.

Our approach to connected design systems

Adopting a connected design system requires a shift in working methodologies within an organization.

It requires a clear strategy, effective change management practices, and fostering a robust learning culture to equip employees with the necessary skills to thrive in this dynamic ecosystem.

Advisory and analysis

Regardless of your organization's level of maturity in designing systems, we offer analysis and evaluation to determine the best steps forward.

Design and implementation

Our experienced teams provide comprehensive implementation services for connected design systems. Whether you need to integrate design and code or create a new system from scratch, we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Governance and support

Developing a connected design system on a technical level is one thing. But to fully leverage its benefits, an organization needs to have the appropriate structures in place to support its growth and adoption.